What’s on this weekend: Happy’s picks for Sydney’s gigs

Still not sure how to spend your weekend? Happy’s got it covered with our favourite gigs this weekend.

It’s pretty simple – after combing through gig after gig, we have accumulated a list of some personal favourites that are playing this weekend in Sydney. From death metal to bedroom pop to post-punk to electro, there’s a price-savvy gig here for everyone.


5 Bands for 5 Bucks


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5 bands playing at Bootleggers for less than an iced dirty chai with almond milk?

That’s right, for an obscenely discounted price of 5 dollary-doos you get to rock out to not one, not two but FIVE killer bands.

This months line up consists of Vinyl 45, Milky Wave, Bad Manors, Lilith Snaps and The Capital Romantics

Wille J & The Bad Books

Willie J & the Bad Books are absolutely filthy, fresh and deliciously soulful.

They walk the line between the psychedelic blues of Hendrix and the classic rock n roll of AC/DC.

Only, rather than requiring an Ouiji board to hear them live, you can just saunter down to The Duke, shoot back a Pickleback and immerse yourself in the bluesy goodness in front of you.

Joining them will be Jasper & the Jokers and Alvarez & Rollan.

Mushroom Mayhem

Mushroom Mayhem is back and fulfilling their promise to provide us with a melting pot of psych-rock, punk and rock gigs.

This time they will be hosting new kids on the block Lethal Weapon 2, pop-rockers Quite Like Pete and the ever-dreamy and soulful Lora Keet.


Heaps Gay Street Party


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Can you believe it’s been 10 years since Heaps Gay bounded into the Sydney nightlife scene, creating safe spaces for the queer community, allies and creatives alongside killer parties?

To celebrate double digits, they’re having a Heaps Gay Street Party in Marrickville, complete with a delicious lineup including (but definitely not limited to) BIG WETT, MUNGMUNG and VPETE.

The theme is Roadwerk, so bust out your high-vis and hard hats for this one.

Last Quokka


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What’s better on a Saturday night than some dirty, dirty punk?

Touching down in Sydney and kicking their way into our hearts is Last Quokka, making the jump from WA.

To show them how we do it here on the East Side is punk princesses Private Wives and Grand Final.

Fox Company


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Celebrating their latest single ‘When We Were Young’, Fox Company is extending an invite to us to come party like we were young (haha get it).

Accompanying them on stage will be the delightfully soulful and bluesy Chloe Kay & the Crusades and dirty blues rockers Bad Drip


Off The Rails


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In honour of the long weekend, the folks over at Off The Rails have casually dropped possibly the best Aussie punk lineup I have ever seen; Amyl and the Sniffers, Private Function, Downgirl and Shady Nasty to name a few.

And it’s all coming together in the form of a massive street party at Saywell Street in Marrickville.

I know where I’ll be this Sunday.

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