“Ass Eating Made Simple” – comedien Scott Rogowsky reads questionable titles on the Subway

You know you’re never alone on the morning commute. Your life is not your own as you try and hunker down and lose yourself in your little space you’ve marked out for yourself. We try and become as small, unobtrusive and quiet to make the ordeal pass quickly.

Not so for comedian Scott Rogowsky who took to the New York Subway to read some very alternative literature. Rogowsky, the intrepid and very brave comedian, created book covers diverging from the usual classics.

Ass Eating Made Simple, Mein Kampf: for Kids!, How to Hold a Fart In, Slut-Shaming Your Baby, A Beginner’s Guide To Taxidermy and 1000 Places To See Before You’re Executed By ISIS were glossy book covers he read in full view.

Check out the reactions from his fellow commuters in the vid. Pretty damn mint.

Scott Rogowsky

Scott Rogowsky

Scott Rogowsky

As first seen on BoredPanda