Paul McCartney shreds up A Hard Days Night live for the first time in 51 years

Paul McCartney has pulled a beautiful fast one on us by playing Beatles classic A Hard Days Night for the first time in over five decades. He talked up big time regarding his 2016 One on One tour, saying it would offer “no shortage of surprises,” and the man did not under-deliver.

Paul Mccartney

Playing in California on Wednesday night, the Beatles legend lit up the stadium by playing the song for the first time as a solo artist. Never one to shy away from a challenge McCartney dished out a marathon 38 song concert, working through solo material Love Me Do, along with the Quarryman (aka pre-Beatles Beatles) song In Spite of All the Danger and Rubber Soul classic You Won’t See Me. Being kind to the millennials Macca also served up FourFiveSeconds, his 2015 collab with Kanye and Rihanna.

The last time McCartney fully sang A Hard Day’s Night was in concert with the complete Beatles band at the Cow Palace in Daly City, California on August 31st, 1965. Good to see he can still dish it out.