Happy Mag Issue 2 Launch Party where the fresh tunes play

Bloods, Le Pie, TEES and more are set to play the Happy Mag issue 2 launch party

Happy Mag issue 2 is just about finished in the slow cooker and we’re going to have a bash to celebrate its unleashing. Get ready for the Happy Mag issue # 2 launch party.

Happy Mag
Artwork by the legendary Wolf Mask

We’ve all loved the digital age. It’s allowed us to capture every angle of our beautiful faces and then flood Instagram. But is it enough? Coming real soon, Happy Mag issue # 2 is going to hit reality and flick it a new one. Featuring DMAs on the cover, an in-depth look into the life and times of SPOD and so, so much more, we’re keen as to share it with you.

And because everyone knows that a new issue is not legit without a bloody good launch, we’re stoked to announce a night of fresh tunes and some sweet fermented barley from our mates Young Henrys. Friday May 6 at the Union Hotel, Newtown for zero dollars.

You can RSVP and get all the details HERE. You can subscribe to Happy Mag HERE – it will change your life.

Batten down the hatches. The Happy Mag issue # 2 launch is coming to scratch that itch good.

Featuring our mates:



Le Pie

Bec Sandridge