Enchanted Echoes: Astrachan’s ‘Emerald’ Sets the Stage for Love and Lively Adventures

Astrachan’s indie melodies intertwine love, and adventure, crafting a blissful sonic tapestry of pure lo-fi brilliance.

Ben Astrachan’s solo recording project, Astrachan (pronounced Astra-Can), is a delightful journey into the realms of love, adventure, and friendship.

Having previously spearheaded Chicago-based bands Astro Heart and Berta Bigtoe, as well as occasionally playing with Smushie, Ben Astrachan now takes us on a captivating sonic exploration through his solo endeavour.


Picture yourself in an intimate indie setting, a cozy lo-fi hall or a club hosting a night of nostalgic proms and lively dance halls where big feels are happening in your body…. Astrachan’s latest isngle “Emerald” fits seamlessly into this dreamlike atmosphere, effortlessly combining light and deep elements. It’s a breezy indie combo, like the fury furnaces turned down a notch, yet retaining an underlying intensity.

With a tone reminiscent of indie legends, the Velvet Undergrounds – subtle distortion – Astrachan’s sound captures the essence of falling in love, day after day with all of the associated angst and catchiness of the genre. The lyrics “I Wanna See Her Everyday” encapsulates this sentiment perfectly.

“Emerald” plunges you into a state of sweet infatuation, where everything around you becomes beautiful and enchanting. The melodies are as soothing as a summer breeze, even if the smell of “chamomile” isn’t exactly the most alluring. But hey, new love has its own unique aroma, and it’s irresistible.

Despite the overwhelming sense of love, there’s a subtle uncertainty that underlies the tune, mirroring the intricacies of life and romance. It’s reminiscent of a Belle and Sebastian song, where you genuinely root for the characters involved, hoping against all odds that everything works out for them.

As you listen to Astrachan’s music, you’ll find yourself simultaneously tugging at your heartstrings and tapping your foot to the infectious beats. It’s the ultimate balancing act, effortlessly blending emotional depth with a catchy rhythm. This delicate equilibrium keeps you engaged throughout, making each song a captivating story that touches your heart and transports you to fleeting moments in time.

Check out the infectiously sweet and crazy charming official music video below featuring Smushie.

Ben Astrachan’s solo project, Astrachan, is a heartfelt musical journey that lingers in your mind.  With the rhythmic prowess of Nik Ritchie on drums, mixed by Ben, and masterfully mastered by Adam Thein, this sonic masterpiece becomes the ultimate soundtrack to love and pretty all of lifes crazy adventures.

Immerse yourself in its enchanting melodies and embrace the beauty of life’s most delicate moments. So sit back, let the music wash over you, and allow yourself to be captivated by Astrachan’s enchanting melodies. You won’t be disappointed.



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