Lose yourself in the sultry sounds of Audrey’s new single Party

New Jersey-based singer-songwriter Audrey started her musical career singing the American national anthem at sporting arenas all over the US.

While it did give her the opportunity to perform for mammoth audiences all over her native country, it probably wasn’t that artistically fulfilling… which is why it’s so refreshing to hear the artist’s exuberant original material.

Simultaneously melancholy, infectious, and smooth-as-hell, Audrey’s new single Party is pretty much flawless. Don’t sleep on this artist any longer.

Audrey’s first big break as an original artist came when a commercial she performed in with Sampha was aired at The Grammys. Now, with two singles under her belt, the sky’s the limit for this American artist.

Her latest release Party flaunts some of the slickest production I’ve ever heard, as the singer effortlessly melds her stunning vocals with the sharp, glassy beats.

As she navigates her sultry R&B, Audrey has crafted a shimmering track that’s simultaneously melancholy and infectious.

Party is the follow-up to 80deg, a woozy pop song with punching percussion and captivating melodies.

If Audrey’s material thus far is anything to go by, we’re in for some big things from this New Jersey artist. Keep your eyes peeled.

Do yourself a flavour and listen to the new track above.