Ahead of Marrickville’s Beer, Footy & Food Festival, we caught up with legendary club commentator John Lynch

Later this month, Marrickville’s iconic Henson Park will once again host the Beer, Footy & Food Festival, courtesy of the mighty Newtown Jets.

With an epic list of delicious caterers and brewers, including our mates over at Young Henrys, this years festival is shaping up to be the biggest yet.

As the Newtown Jets gear up for a huge game later this month for Marrickville’s Beer, Footy & Food Festival, we had a chat to the club’s legendary commentator John Lynch.

Back in the 90’s, during a miserable and rainy home game, club commentator John Lynch famously declared that there were 8,972 attendees in the crowd. In reality there were around a hundred.

Though this year, the footy club are looking to genuinely pack 8,972 people into Henson Park. So ahead of the big day, we caught up with the legendary commentator for his take on the event.

HAPPY: Hey John, thanks for stopping by. What are you up to at the moment?

JOHN: At the moment having a Newtowner!

HAPPY: How long have you been around camp with the Newtown Jets?

JOHN: Been with Newtown since 1960… I’m an old fart!

HAPPY: What drew you into commentating club rugby in the early days?

JOHN: Took the mic over in 1995 when club started playing at Redfern oval.

HAPPY: I understand you’re a veteran of Beer, Footy & Food Festival too? We’d love to hear a few of last year’s highlights.

JOHN: The BFFF always has a great crowd… excellent atmosphere, super booze and tucker, and a ball-tearer Jets win.

HAPPY: They’re upping the game this year in a lot of ways. Are you looking forward to any food, drink, or activities in particular?

JOHN: This year I’m gonna look for the best and biggest hamburger, demolish it, and wash it down with a couple of Newtowners.

HAPPY: Newtown Jets or Penrith Panthers? Or is it unseemly for commentators to take a side?

JOHN: The Jets will be a hot tip!

HAPPY: Any other insider tips on how to get the best out of the game? Secret entrances? Ideal viewing areas?

JOHN: No secrets entrances at the royal and ancient Henson Park! Just pay ya way in… no tight arses allowed. Put ya rear end on the hill with beers and cheers!

HAPPY: To finish, what’s your professional guestimate at crow numbers this year?

JOHN: Today’s official attendance, ladies and gentlemen, is… 8972.

HAPPY: Cheers for the chat!


The Beer, Footy & Food Festival will be taking place on Saturday July 28th at Henson Park, Marrickville. Grab more info and tickets here.