Aunty Donna’s Christmas song is a mixture of humour and devastation. Will you smile or cry?

We all have our own way of coping with our emotions, and Aunty Donna have summed up theirs with a funny-yet-not-so-funny video.

In the video, the boys from Melbourne joyfully sing over prawns on a BBQ, cold lagers, shorts and flip-flops – all the things that typify Australian culture, right?

Their latest skit involves all the typical absurdist Aunty Donna drama you’d expect, but with an abrupt twist.


Titled Aunty Donna’s Christmas Song, the festive jingle turns out to be more of a slap in the face of Australian politics than their usual comedic sketch.

Apart from the true-blue classics, Australians have a lot of other traditions they’ve been upholding for years!

When you think 45 seconds of hyperbolised Christmas-themed lyrics were enough, Aunty Donna punch you in your tinny-filled gut with some harrowing truths:

“You shovel snow off your drive, we’re refusing gays the right to marriage.”

“You drink eggnog and sing carols, we run concentration camps.”

“You go ice-skating in the park, we’ve had four Prime Ministers in four years.”

“You’re sitting ‘round the fire, we’re sitting ‘round the fire whilst ignoring our mistreatment of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders in this country for over 200 years… in our shorts and thongs!”

Aunty Donna couldn’t highlight the devastating truths about Australia with facetious comedy any better. Their Christmas song leaves us with a stitch in our stomachs and a hole in our hearts.