Aussies found to be the biggest bong users in the world

Thousands of Australians love ripping a bong more than drinking a cup of coffee

The latest Global Drug Survey (GDS) has found Australians are the highest bong users out of all the countries surveyed.

We’re also more inclined to use cannabis than caffeinated beverages like coffee and energy drinks. Yeah.

Photo credit: Your Friends House

According to the annual Global Drug Survey, Australians are the biggest bong users and would rather get stoned than drink an energy drink.

According to Sydney Morning Herald, the GDS also found that its surveyors were more likely to use cannabis than smoke tobacco and drink caffeinated drinks. After marijuana, the most popular illicit drugs are MDMA, cocaine and LSD.

Australians pay the most for cocaine than any other country, at a ridiculous $321 a gram as opposed to the cheapest in Colombia at $5.26 a gram.

Source: Global Drug Survey

The GDS publishes data annually in partnership with a number of health professionals and global media companies. This year they surveyed 115,000 people in 20 countries about their drug use, including 5,700 Australians.

Sadly, Australian’s love for bongs doesn’t resonate with the Australian government, who prohibit naming children “Bonghead” and “Maryjuana” – just to name a few.