From tattered notebooks to celestial sounds, Ava von Davi makes a stunning debut

Breakout artist Ava von Davi captures the essence of longing and inner growth with her ethereal release ‘achilles heel’

The indie-pop world has just become a little dreamier with ‘achillies heel’, a gentle, texture-drenched release that will transport you back to the bubbly wonder of your first love. While it may initially be hard to believe that this bubbling well of sophisticated emotional writing comes from a Byron Bay school student, Ava von Davi’s determination for creative exploration has been a deep passion she has had for many years, ‘achilles heel’ is simply the latest manifestation of the young writer’s artistic talent, having already worked in both film and modeling industries. 

Laden with twittering bird songs and muted piano musings, ‘achillies heel’ details the purity of first love, and the heartbreak of its arrested development. “I know that I may never see you again, doesn’t stop my heart from reaching for you”

Ava von Davi
Credit: Jonti Wild


For many musicians, drawing from the well of first love is a time-honored tradition, providing a wealth of inspiration for constructing meaningful and emotionally charged works. But for Ava Von Davi, the memories of her first love remain raw and remarkably fresh, giving her a unique and refreshing perspective that has been expertly woven into the fabric of her debut single, “achilles heel”. 

The brooding strings and glittery guitar plucks that make up the song’s texture are a perfect vehicle for Ava’s raw and heartfelt lyrics, capturing the depth and complexity of her emotions with remarkable nuance and skill.

“achilles heel” is a sweeping release that showcases the remarkable talent and vision of Ava Von Davi, with the help of acclaimed writer and producer James Guido. With his extensive experience in the world of textural indie-pop, Guido has brought a unique and sophisticated touch to the song, helping to shape its hauntingly beautiful soundscapes and evocative melodies.

Ava von Davi
Credit: Jonti Wild

The interplay between the watery piano echoing through the track and the dry, precise guitar arpeggios creates a stunning balance, adding a layer of depth and complexity that elevates the song to new heights. This delicate interplay of sound and texture is a hallmark of Guido’s work, and is a perfect complement to Ava’s raw and emotive lyrics. Together, they have created a truly remarkable work of art that will captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression on the world of indie-pop.

With a unique voice and the ability to craft hauntingly beautiful melodies, Ava Von Davi is an artist to watch as she continues to hone her skills and explore new horizons in her music. The future is bright for this breakout indie pop sensation.