“Introspection”: a raw and relatable journey through love and loss with Lily Monaghan

“Introspection” is a charged up EP that details the full spectrum of complicated emotions within a relationships conception and breakdown.

Lily Monaghan’s “Introspection” EP is a powerful showcase of her songwriting and singing abilities. With her roots in blues, folk, and pop, Lily masterfully blends genres to create a sound that’s uniquely her own. Throughout the EP, Lily explores themes of love, loss, and self-discovery, creating an atmosphere that’s both raw and relatable

“Let Me Kiss You” is the kind of song that just makes you wanna grab your partner and dance around the kitchen like nobody’s watching. It’s got a romantic and bouncy vibe that’s perfect for those sweet, intimate moments. With a bright guitar chugging along the groove, and a melody that playfully dances in between syncopated hits, Lily outlines a teenage-like obsession over new love.

Lily Monaghan

The lyrics are all about living in the present and making the most of every moment, I mean, who knows what tomorrow might bring, right? So, why not steal a kiss or two before the world ends? “There’s no time to take it slow”. 

“On Hold” is an intimate and emotionally-charged track that perfectly captures the feeling of frustration and loneliness when someone you care about just won’t step up to the plate. The lyrics are raw and candid, with the protagonist expressing their exasperation at something that just isn’t working. The slow, melancholic waltz of the music only adds to the sense of despair and resignation. The key lyric of the track, “I think that it’s time to hang up the line, I’m tired of waiting on hold,” serves as a powerful bookend to the song, cementing the constant message. Throughout the four minutes of the track, our protagonist explores their unwavering feeling of being left hanging, and the heartbreak of that opening line stays true throughout. “On Hold” is a poignant reminder of the pain of unrequited love and the importance of standing up for yourself when it’s time to move on.

“Sleeping Alone” diggs deeper and steps a shade darker in the direction of emotional frustration with lyrical coldness and bluesy harmonies. The song’s bridge section, with the cathartic and catchy rhetoric of “Shoot a dead man down,” is particularly memorable, and it’s hard not to sing along to it. The guitar textures add to the bluesy vibe, creating a rich and layered sound. The track is also an opportunity for Lily’s vocals to really shine, as she navigates the emotional landscape of the song with her usual warmth and depth. Despite its colder tone, “Sleeping Alone” is a standout track that showcases Lily’s versatility as a songwriter and musician, and proves that she’s not afraid to take risks with her sound.

“Security Blanket” takes a slightly more pop angle than some of the other tracks on the EP, with an anthemic tone that’s sure to get your heart pumping. The song explores the vulnerability of reaching out for connection and finding comfort in another person. The power in Lily’s vocals speaks to the desperation that comes with that kind of vulnerability, making the listener feel every emotion along with her. Despite its pop sensibilities, “Security Blanket” still retains the same depth and rawness that is a hallmark of Lily’s writing, and it’s a standout track on the EP.

Lily Monaghan

“Comes and Goes” is a fitting end to the EP, and is arguably the biggest showcase of Lily’s vocal prowess. The song is a poignant exploration of the often tumultuous nature of relationships, and the need for gentleness and understanding in the face of change. The acceptance of the cyclical nature of love is present throughout the track, with Lily’s vocals conveying both the pain and the hope that comes with the realization that nothing lasts forever. There resides a sense of peace and acceptance that’s palpable in the music, and as with all of the tracks on the EP, Lily’s writing and singing is raw, honest, and deeply affecting. 

Each track is a journey in itself, with Lily’s vocals taking centre stage and conveying the emotional landscape of each song with depth and warmth. From the bouncy romance of “Let Me Kiss You” to the poignant acceptance of “Comes and Goes,” “Introspection” is a stunning debut from a talented artist who’s sure to make waves in the music world. With her skills constantly evolving, we can’t wait to see what Lily Monaghan has in store for us next.