From Ska-Punk to Jazz-Funk: Debacle’s self-titled album is a musical adventure

Debacle’s debut self-titled album is a joyous celebration of music that effortlessly crosses genre boundaries to create a unique and highly enjoyable listening experience. 

Comprised of two sets of brothers, a world-champion birder, and a former sportscaster for WFUV, Debacle is a collective of lifelong friends who found each other in seventh grade band class and have been making music together ever since.

The band’s debut album was released on March 25th and showcases their adept skills in different rock genres, including ska and pop punk, while pulling inspiration from genres no one would expect to hear.

Debacle band

The album starts with “Introveture,” a cinematic instrumental that sets the scene for a swirly, whirly world to come. From there, the album launches into “Flashing Lights,” a funky, disco-adjacent track with a catchy melody and funky wah guitar.

“Shattered Dreams” follows, a highly textured track reminiscent of early Maroon 5 with rumbling drums and stylish piano licks and blares from the horns. “I Don’t Know” is a beachy, fast-paced track with a swirly, bouncy melody that matches the confusion and speculation of the lyrics. The bright, charismatic horns add an extra layer of fun to the track.

Other standout tracks include “Alright,” which features a creative and subtle voice transformer effect and bright, glittery guitars that feel really fun. “The Battle of Bathgate” has big band vibes and complex, fast-traveling melodies from the guitars, while “I Forgot to Say I Love You” highlights Debacle’s softer, more soulful side influenced by early jazz traditions. 

Overall, the album is a testament to Debacle’s songwriting abilities and their ability to blend traditional jazz styles with contemporary funk and a bit of subtle electro-glam. The album was recorded, produced, and engineered solely from the band’s childhood homes, adding an extra layer of intimacy and personal connection to the music. There’s a community-lighthearted enjoyment energy that emanates from the collection of sparkly tracks, like one could imagine the band playing at a street party where everyone brings a dish to share, only to spend all evening dancing with each other.

Debacle has been making music together since they were teenagers, and their debut album is a culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and a deep love of music. The band has already seen considerable success, selling out historic venues including The Stone Pony and Rockwood Music Hall while still in high school. With their self-titled album, Debacle is ready to devote themselves back to their one true passion of making music.

The album’s unique blend of musical genres and catchy hooks is sure to resonate with music listeners from all over the world. Debacle effortlessly continues their hit-making trend while being able to cross genre boundaries in a way that makes their music like no other. It’s clear that the band spent countless hours working on making each song the best it can possibly be, and they should be proud of how they’ve all come out.

Debacle’s self-titled debut album is a testament to the band’s musical prowess and songwriting abilities. It’s clear that Debacle has a deep love and respect for music, and their dedication to their craft shines through on every track. For fans of eclectic, fun, and catchy music, Debacle’s self-titled debut album is a must-listen.