The Splints bust out some pop punk and rhythmic grooves with their playlist of Inspiration

Having recently popped off in the scene thanks to their debut single Come and Get it, The Splints have shared with us their playlist inspo.

Four-piece rock and rollers The Splints have emerged from the streets of Brisbane recently with their debut single, Come and Get it, with each member adding their own unique musical attributes and experiences of playing with other bands to form a new, united sound.  

With influences that range from pop-punk to indie-rock, they have crafted a sonic fusion revolving around guitar-rock and fueled by fragments of nostalgia, utilizing the bands that inspired them in their youth to guide them into forming a soundscape they resonate with.  The music scene welcomes their ruffled guitar strumming, pounding groovy drums, and harmonious elements that are stripped from 60s rock sounds and sprinkled with modern vibes.

They’ve shared with us some killer tracks from a bunch of local (and some not-so-local) legends. If you haven’t heard these songs then now’s the time, because you’ve been seriously missing out.

The Splints
Credit: Press

Starting off with a banger of their own, the party playlist is introduced with a naughties indie vibe.


Ramona by Velociraptor throws a bouncy 60s pop-rock sound that’s mixed with modern indie tones.

An instant vibe change is made with this duet track Close. It’s a slow, melancholy outcry with expressive and soulful female vocals that are then contrasted with a punchy vocal flow from the raspy male vocals.

This pop punk beast of a track spits a punk, indie and surf rock atmosphere. If you like Pup or Skeggs, start listening to I wanna Skate Again by Talk Heavy

Beddy Rays is the perfect mix of nostalgia and lose energy with pounding drums, outcries of vocals that make you just wanna mosh hard.

Inner wests loveable, kooky artists Struthless designed the cover for this album which just visualizes the feel-good energy these song sparks.

With a laidback groove, Lake Something by Buttermello spills swirly electric sounds and lyrical depth that’s easy to embrace and get lost in.

This track by STUMPS holds unique, expressive vocals that sound like a cross between Joy Division’s Ian Curtis and The Smiths Morrissey, but if they had a sound behind them that was more upbeat and less down in the dumps of sadness.

Another slower-paced track with rhythmic electric riffs and smooth, honest lyrical depth.

This one is an absolute pop-punk ruthless and rampant track. The scratchy guitar with the wah pedal adds to this loose and raw sound.

A fucking banger by King Stringray is a great addition to The Splints Playlist as its rhythmic groove just fills your body with joy.

Bogan Pride by Bad//Dreams is a killer track that revolves around Toxic Masculinity and homophobia. It’s a raucous, energetic song.

Fuzz Jam is the best way to describe this new-wave synth, slow groove sound. With swirly, dreamy vocals that just wrap you up and send you off floating into the punchy electric rhythms.

To enjoy the full playlist check it out here and if all these tracks are up your alley, check out below The Splints debut single!