Skegss drop two warm and fuzzy singles: ‘Stranger Days’ and ‘December’

Singles Stranger Days and December are the latest present from Skegss, filled with optimism, reflection, and that trademark sunny vibe.

When it comes to garage-rock sweethearts, you really can’t look past Skegss. The Byron Bay trio’s down-to-earth songwriting has been a staple in the Aussie gig circuit for years now, and their 2021 LP Rehearsal only raised the bar.

For their first entries into the new year, the band take a step back, a deep breath, and treasure what’s most important.

Image: Stranger Days artwork

Beginning with Stranger Days, Ben (vocals, guitar) opts for an acoustic and strums a folk-influenced chord progression to set the scene. Looking back on a “lifetime of thunder and lightning”, the singer admits his shortcomings, but ultimately, remains joyous and steadfast.

“A girl can dream, and so can a boy, and may our dreams never die!” Bloody oath.

The song really springs to life when rhythm boys (Johnny and Tobi) join the fold, giving the swinging folk number a lean edge. Later, group vocals carry through, emphasising the sense of togetherness that embodies the track.

Stranger Days‘ music video, directed by Jamieson Kerr and the band, doubles down on the idea of powering on with signature wit. Our protagonist runs a marathon, stopping only for the occasional cold one. What a champion.

Flipping over to the B-side, we’re gifted to December, a love letter to Aussie Christmas and all its traditions. “Having beers down at the local pub on Chrissy Eve and seeing the crew you grew up with” is a fond memory for Ben, and its lived experience really shines through in the lyrics.

The sun-drenched track keeps the soundscape gentle and dreamy, prompting the listener to close their eyes and attach their own experiences to the age-old occasion. Next Chrissy, flick this song on and give ya partner a kiss for maximum resonance.

“You don’t know how much I missed this, I’m just so glad it’s Christmas.”

Constructive, relevant, and whimsical storytelling from the boys once more.


Stranger Days and December are out now via Loma Vista Recordings / Virgin Music Australia.