Meet Captain Australia: The man walking 2000km for The Kid’s Cancer Project

The legendary Captain Australia (AKA Simon) is walking from Brisbane to Melbourne raising money for kids cancer research.

The Cap’n is in remission from a 2016 diagnosis of “head and neck cancerand now he’s giving back with “Captain Australia’s Big Walk!“, which is roughly a 2000km hike from Brisbane to Melbourne.

Whilst undergoing treatment Simon was devastated by the knowledge that kids too must suffer the disease, in aid of this he decided to embark on his “Big Walk” to raise money for The Kid’s Cancer Project.

Credit: Reddit

In a heartfelt, yet inspirational and uplifting address Simon details his experience with cancer treatment and its long-lasting effects; facial spasms, thyroid problems, airways problems, vomiting etc. Having to go through this, as Simon affirmed, can strip one of their humanity. All of these, he affirms, contribute to stripping you of your humanity.

Simon believes, as everyone can agree, that “No child should have to endure that.”

The inspiration for “Captain Australia’s Big Walk” came from Simon’s early experience of walking from “Brisbane to Sydney to escape a bad domestic situation.” He says that he, “discovered” himself “and found hope in that first BIG WALK.”

Simon has been posting updates and videos throughout the walk, opening up about his past traumatic and formative experiences to contribute something powerfully positive.

Watch Simon discuss the “Big Walk” project in his own words here.

You can support Captain Australia in a number of ways from donating to spreading the word and giving him support as he paces through towns and cities down the east coast of Australia.

We lucky Sydney siders were able to catch Captain Australia crossing the Harbour Bridge today. Check out his Facebook page for updates!