Baby caught displaying “Sign of the Horns” gesture in ultrasound

Baby caught displaying “sign of the horns” gesture in ultrasound

Some may say that Jimmy Page or Jimi Hendrix were just born to rock. But were they literally ‘born to rock?’ An image from the ultrasound of baby Isla has garnered widespread attention, with the daughter of Jodie and David Langham appearing to brandish a Sign of the Horns. Badass!

The Langhams have recounted the wide array of music that they exposed to Isla during the pregnancy. Let’s just say it’s unlikely that the angelic melodies of Andrea Bocelli inspired young Isla to crossover into foetal badass territory.

Photo via Kennedy News and Media

An ultrasound of Isla shows her brandishing the Sign of the Horns rock gesture, proving once and for all that rock is not dead.

Apparently the now 18-month-old girl boogies to whatever music she’s exposed to. Jodie says that “she never stops.” Maybe parents should take more seriously the music they expose to their children during pregnancy.

Bassist of Kiss, Gene Simmons claimed in 2017 that he first popularised the hand gesture back in 1974. Sorry mate, but if anyone should be credited for the gesture, shouldn’t it be Isla?

Rock clearly is not dead. For those who fear for the future of rock n’ roll, worry no more. Isla is here and she is ready to inspire a new generation of hardcore rockers.