PREMIERE: Twinfolds’ video for Meet You at Dinner is trippy yet satisying

Since forming 2015, Brisbane four-piece Twinfolds have developed a distinctive sound that blends laidback psych-rock and bedroom-pop for a sound that is simultaneously nostalgic and forward-thinking.

Made up of vocalist and saxophonist Hamish Litster, guitarist James Martoo, bassist Hugh Duke-Freney, and drummer Nelson Partoredjo; Twinfolds delve deeper into their signature blend of bedroom-pop with their new single, and title track off their forthcoming sophomore EP, Meet You at Dinner.

Twinfolds weave together a delectable concoction of nostalgia and warmth on Meet You at Dinner, and the video perfectly illustrates its relaxed yet eccentric vibe.

Meet You at Dinner evokes feelings of nostalgia, as it explores the hurdles at the tail-end of a relationship which ultimately goes astray as a result of struggling to maintain a work-life balance.  This nostalgia is layered with a simplistic and ultimately untroubled vibe, it’s wistful yet content, as the woozy instrumentation is layered with effortless vocal delivery as Hamish sings “there’s a difference between lonely and being alone.”

The slow-moving ever-changing landscape in the animated music video perfectly represents the breezy yet eccentric nature of the song, as the focus figure slowly journeys through a barren landscape while constantly metamorphosing. The character and landscape gradually become more and more intricate, representing the personal change that ultimately leads to coming into your own after a failed relationship. Coloured in yellow, fuschia and blue, the video is trippy, quirky, and ultimately satisfying to watch.

Recordings for Meet You at Dinner were finished while members of the band were living in different parts of the world, so it’s also a sort of tribute to each of the band members’ dedication to continuously create music together, despite physical distances that may separate them.

Unfortunately, this distance means that the band won’t be playing any live shows in support of this release, but do yourself a favour and check out the new single and video above.

Meet You At Dinner is available everywhere now, and the EP of the same name is set to be released on the 2nd of August.