Double Drive brings the iconic Bad Cat amp tone to your pedalboard

Introducing the Double Drive: the latest from Bad Cat Amps is an updated take on their signature Siamese Drive and a versatile stompbox for crunch connoisseurs.

Overdrive is essential in any guitar player’s sonic toolkit. Bad Cat’s Double Drive features a versatile mix of drive tones in a dual-channel package that’ll have blues players to metal shredders finding their sweet spot.

Bad Cat is a company full of self-confessed “obsessive tone enthusiasts”. They put themselves on the map designing and building some of the finest hand-wound guitar amplifiers in the US. Their early stint in guitar pedal manufacturing saw the release of the Siamese Drive, a powerful and versatile overdrive that went from mild saturation to heavy grind, and everywhere in between. Double Drive represents the next generation.

Bad Cat Double Drive

As the name suggests, the Double Drive has two sides — each featuring independent footswitches to isolate or blend your drive tones. This means that the pedal can offer up the ultimate pallet of distortion that you can’t get from your standard drive pedal configuration.

Bad Cat has basically taken their Siamese Drive and refined it further to make an even more amp-like unit that’s responsive to your playing.  With controls consisting of Gain, Tone and Output for both channels, you can fine-tune your guitar tone from a wispy, edge-of-breakup to a savage high-gain squeal.

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