Chattanooga based rocker Adam Michael Allison returns from hiatus with anthemic Closer

After a long run as a side-man, Adam Michael Allison makes his return after a decade long hiatus with rock anthem ‘Closer’

It’s been a 10 year hiatus for seasoned professional Adam Michael Allison, but now he’s ready to step out of the shadows and into his very own spotlight.

Bringing an undoubtable wealth of experience and artistry to his creations, ‘Closer’ marks an artist finally making a name for himself and only himself.

happy mag review Adam Michael Allison

With a career spanning over 24 years, it’s invigorating to see Allison making such a bold step in an exciting new direction.

Proving that there is alway something new to explore, Allison showcases his talent and passion in equal measure.

‘Closer’ is full of thickness, drama and hard-hitting rock sensibility. Allison’s husky, masculine tone is full of layers and different shades.

Anthemic, deliberate and stoked with flames, ‘Closer’ is nostalgic and electrifying.

Complete with a shredder of a guitar solo, a memorable, almost country rock inspired guitar riff and Allison’s smooth and powerful vocal, ‘Closer’ is a soundtrack worthy piece of excitement.

happy mag review Adam Michael Allison

It’s impossible not to hear Allison’s professionalism and experience, and there is something so satisfying about listening to a musician who is an expert in all that they do.

It’s a shame he didn’t take to the stage sooner as a solo act, but the result is still something so impressive and worth listening to that it’s hard to begrudge him.

‘Closer’ is a track from Allison’s debut solo album, ‘Details’. A highlight no doubt, ‘Closer’ sets the tone in a big way.

It’s impossible to refute Allison’s talent, something that has been nurtured over decades in the industry.

It’s alighting to see what experience can grant you with, and the reminder that despite what the industry may say to the contrary, it’s never too late to make a shift into a new light.

If this is merely the beginning, then we are certainly in for an exciting ride. Adam Michael Allison is the definition of a true musician, and his creation speaks for itself.

Listen to ‘Closer’ below.