Bad Day Out

If you’re not keen on subjecting yourself to a day of teenagers in singlets, drug detection squads and Snoop Lions at Sydney Olympic Park this Sunday, Petersham Bowling Club has got your public holiday festivities sorted with their own BAD DAY OUT – a day full of local bands, bad and otherwise, rockin out from the reasonable drinking hour of 12pm till well after the sun goes down. Featuring Happy favourites Zeahorse, Shining Bird and The Ocean Party plus a slew of equally awesome bands, your soundtrack to the day’s rounds of local draughts and lawn bowls is set to be tight as.

holy soul

Early in the day will be the messy voodoo howls of Okay Cocaine, sprawling krout-rockers Mezko, Charles Buddy Daaboul’s oz-fi band Big Dingo and the hazy brick townhouse tunes of Bad Jeep – check em out at their respective links above and figure out what time you want to rock up. It’s your right to a hardcore sleep in on Australia Day and we understand that no words in the English language could convince you to forfeit this.

Then of course you have Octopus Pi signees Broadcast Transmitter slinging out multidimensional alternatronics, the schitzy post-punk wit of Adults and the rock n’ dole psych stylings of Melbourne’s favourite spiritualistic trip quintet Whipped Cream Chargers. Just to put this into perspective, this is all taking place well before the sun even thinks about dipping behind the horizon.

Among the non-musical delights, expect a lineup of local beers as delicious and varied as the musical selection, a whole spit roasted pig (set to rattle the vegetarian chains of these meat-free inner westies) and a mullet booth. What better way to remember your Australia Day than to embarrass your girlfriend and rock up to work on Tuesday with what should be an on-the-spot dismissal of a haircut, right?

What? There’s more music? Shit yeah mate, you still gotta check out Mere Women‘s representation of the post-goth-punk scene in Marrickville, The Spinning Rooms‘ moody guitar poetry and The Holy Soul‘s bluesy, garagey, loose cut rock and roll in headline spot. Is that everyone? I think it might be. Oh wait, I think there’s one more important guest we’re forgetting…


(And ya dickhead mates)

Presale tix are running out fast for this inaugural event and there will be a limited number of tix on the door. You might need to fork out one or two gold coins for a membership to the Bowlo on entry (if you live outside the 5km radius) so budget correctly and since this is technically a festival, please don’t be a dickhead. This ain’t the Olympic Park, respect the volunteer run venue and other punters so that we can keep enjoying this awesome festival for years to come.