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It’s events like this (and their constantly sold out TV show trivia nights) that make Goodgod Small Club and Danceteria one of the most relevant venues in the modern Sydney cultural scene, and this is despite their tiny capacity, pricey beverages and unfriendly sound system. Named after the fictional antipodean sport made famous by The Simpsons’ Season 6 venture down under, Knifey Spoony is your one stop destination for party times this Australia Night. Kicking off at 10pm, catch a live set from Black Vanilla, supported by Joyride, Levins, Adit, Rikki vs Braddy, Mariam and Del. Also, take a look at this bloody poster. What a ripper.

black vanilla

We covered Black on Black on Black last year in September and loved the R&B influences and sexy smooth production. For the majority of the groups existence, they’ve been a live act, mixing sweet beats on a combination of hardware and software in front of awed audiences very eyes. For all intents and purposes, Black Vanilla are a spectacle not to be missed, whether you’re a bedroom producer looking to expand into a live setting (live sets are the future of electronic beats, dontcha know?) or whether you’re a serial booty shaker and a sucker for 90’s R&B through thick rimmed hipster lenses. At the low, low price of $10 before midnight ($15 after, but I don’t fancy your chances of getting in after a full 12 hours of Goon of Fortune and getting sweaty playing backyard cricket), there really isn’t an excuse to be anywhere else on Sunday night.

Also be sure to catch a lineup of Sydneysiders spinning and producing some very similar beats – Joyride has spent his time banging out tunes at Splendour, Parklife, Peats Ridge and Good Vibrations (R.I.P. like half of those festivals) while (Andrew) Levins has been mixing for Goodgod for as long as I remember Goodgod was a thing. There are more, but I can’t find their social media links, so I guess we’ll just have to be pleasantly surprised!

Brush up on the gags from the seminal Simpsons episode (which is now used as material in cultural studies at the University of California to “examine issues of the production and reception of cultural objects, in this case, a satirical cartoon show” according to Jimbo Wales), don’t try to order a coffee (beer?) and remember to take note of which way the toilet flushes. I’m still not 100% sold on the name of the event though. I would have called it a Chazzwozza.



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January 24, 2014

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