Milwaukee Banks

Forget your troubles. If you’ve already relapsed on those New Years resolutions, for example eaten a massive slice of cake instead of going for a run today (me) or have just been doing plain stupid things; like deciding not to fix your jet-lagged mind and keep your body clock screwed by dancing until 4am instead of sleeping (yep me also) then this, this is for you my friend! The smooth electronics will wrap around you, encasing your soul and nursing your vodka filled kidneys back to health. Then the sharp drums and vocals will make you wake up, pay attention, get out of bed and seize the day, you lazy fool!

 Milwaukee Banks

It’s floaty electronic fusing with hip hop; and it’s Australian hip-hop. But really, I promise, it sounds good, I’m asking -no- I beg of you, don’t go back to sleep, or slam your computer shut in disgust, it’s really really good! Whilst having an internet snoop about the guys, I found that my immediate ‘Oh, dear God, Australian hip-hop’ fears were widely shared, with noisey‘s tagline about them being; ‘Milwaukee Banks Make Non Traumatising Australian Hip-hop’. I’ll let you decide for yourself…

The vocals are akin to the likes of Earl Sweatshirt, heavy and deep, with some nice layering of lyrics towards the end of the track. I’ve only seen the electronic/hip-hop combination done well once before (with James Blake and Chance The Rapper for Life Round Here, crackin’ tune) but this is of a similar vein and a great one at that.

Milwaukee Banks have generated a lot-a-lotta hype for having released just one track. And rightly so. The creative process, at this stage, is certainly still under way, but the duo are set to play a host of dates around Australia that will be clarified in the near future. So stay tuned…