Introducing The Honey Pies

If you’re looking for a healthy dose of guitar, then you are on the right page. With Brit-pop influences, The Honey Pies, four guys from Adelaide will provide you with upbeat riffs that feel like Summer.

the honey pies

The Honey Pies are; energising, melodic, catchy. They’ve had lots of praise from Triple J and have recently been featured on Home and Hosed. Hair of the Dog is wild, chaotic, and even features some wonderful tambourine sounds around two thirds of the way through.

There’s been a recent switch up in the band’s set up, so they have been reorganising over the last while, but the ever reputable source that is Facebook has spoken and these guys are going to busy gigging around Adelaide very soon. They’re playing at the Crown and Anchor Hotel on 31st Jan. On Feb 9th, March 23rd, March 28th, and 18th May you can catch The Honey Pies at The Grace Emily Hotel. Get sticky.