Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds treat fans to a Skeleton Tree feature film trailer One More Time With Feeling.

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds recently announced they will be dropping their 16th studio LP, Skeleton Tree, and today they’ve released a trailer for accompanying feature film, One More Time With Feeling. 

Nick Cave

It’s a GREAT day to be a Bad Seed as Nick Cave and co. surprise us with a stunning new trailer for Skeleton Tree feature film One More Time With Feeling.

The film will be released to the world on September 8th, just a day before Skeleton Tree‘s release, and will be played at over 800 cinemas across the globe!

Directed by Andrew Dominik, the world premiere will take place at 2016’s Venice Film Festival, and will give fans a glimpse into the tracks featured on the record, before it’s release.

Shot entirely in black and white, One More Time With Feeling takes fans behind the scenes into the making of the new LP, with interviews, footage shot by Dominik, and narration by Cave.

This news alone is enough to make us Bad Seeds sprout with excitement!

You can check out the chillingly beautiful trailer below.