Badass women of 2018: a pop-oriented playlist by Kacy Moon

Pop artist Kacy Moon has released her latest tune What Do I Do, a bop that’s sure to stick in your head for days. It’s the latest in a line of addictive jams from the artist, and we’re stoked to hear what comes next.

In the meantime, we asked Kacy to put together a playlist of some tunes she’s been loving at the moment.

kacy moon

Kacy Moon is among a score of women taking pop music by the horns in 2018. We asked her to dive into her library to choose a select few favourites from this year.

“I’m definitely that person that takes over the music in the car. So thanks Happy Mag for passing me the AUX.”

“There are so many guys killing it in pop music right now, but there are also a lot of women that are too! These are some of my favourite songs that have been released this year by females.”

Kacy Moon’s latest single What Do I Do is out now.