PREMIERE: Get your glossy pop fix with What Do I Do, the latest output from Kacy Moon

Los Angeles-based artist Kacy Moon unveils her shiny new pop single What Do I Do. For those nursing a broken heart or feeling the strain of a weighty decision, this is the jam for you.

What Do I Do traces the ups and downs of a tumultuous relationship, exploring how quickly a significant other can morph into a stranger before your eyes. Kacy Moon mulls over this age-old dilemma with glittery synths and an effortlessly cool arrangement.

With a refined pop pull and lush vocal styling, What Do I Do by Kacy Moon is the heartbreak banger we need and deserve right now.

The singer-songwriter met the tune’s producer (Szabo) while venturing through Sydney, What Do I Do then coming to fruition at Ringtail Studios in Alexandria. As the first of four songs created during this time, future tracks born from the collab will soon be gracing the airwaves.

Bright electronic instrumentation is bolstered by Moon’s pitch-perfect narrative quips. Through simple but effective lyrics, she grapples with the idea of hanging around or calling it quits.

“Missing the time when you would be trying to let know how much you need me, never would we be ever letting go. ‘Cause I’ll always remember feeling so in love. And you don’t think it’ll change, but it does.”

The artist was first introduced to performance after a successful venture into the world of professional karate. This saw her travel the world, appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and take out eight world champion martial arts titles. Needless to say, Kacy Moon’s journey to indie pop perfection was not an express one.

Proving herself to be up to any task, Kacy Moon crafts a fluttery pop vision on What Do I Do. Fingers crossed we won’t be waiting too long for her next offering.