Banoffee pie is a cream, caramel and banana based dessert. I personally have never tried it because I am lactose intolerant. However, I have tried the Melbourne based artist’s music, who happens to share the same name as this indulgent treat. Luckily, you needn’t be tolerant to dairy to enjoy the creamy goodness of her well-crafted tracks. Both dessert and artist peak in terms of fulfilling one’s cravings.

Banoffee is Martha Brown, a sweet Melbourne songwriter who is showing us the love through her electronic pop and managing to nostalgically negate that 1980’s vibe (which we all dig so much).

banoffeeMartha Brown sounds like a character from an Enid Blyton novel, but she’s aint. Making music under the moniker Banoffee, she’s one of those cool girls.

Kicking around since 2012, she’s has been pretty busy ever since. Jetting off to LA, supporting acts throughout Sydney and Melbourne, fundraising for great and wonderful causes and remixing whatever she can. Every artist has their thing, and Banoffee’s thing is ensuring that her sonic layers are in perfect tangent with one another. Upon listening, you may even question what came first: the lyrics or the layers. A process that every songwriter debates. Regardless of the evolution of music, the lyrics, vocal quality, layers of synth and effects, and everything else that has been thrown into the mix create a personal experience for the listener.

The vulnerability, femininity and sensitivity (feel free to add to the ‘ity’ adjective list) of the songs are unique stories that belong only to Martha Brown. She lets her listeners in for a hot cuppa, sits them down and tells them of her pain, sorrow and how she’s going to f*** up whoever hurt her. Overall, it is a warm and welcoming visit.

Banoffee, you cool human dessert. I am yet to see Miss Martha Brown perform live but I have no doubt it would be epic and delicious. Fortunately enough, she is performing on the 19th of April in Melbourne at the Howler and then heading to Sydney’s GoodGod on the 24th, supporting Oscar Key Sung (who co-produced her upcoming EP).

So now I know what I’ll be doing on that Thursday night. Thank you Banoffee for filling in my social schedule for this month.



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