Rainy Day Women

They’re obviously not women, but their bright, irresistible melodies are certainly something for a rainy day. Rainy Day Women are Dylan Ollivierre, Tom Allison, Ross Pickersgill, Jason Henry and Brett Walsh from Perth.

Formed by singer/songwriter Dylan Ollivierre in mid 2011, the band grew up together in laidback, sunny Fremantle. The retro-influenced Perth popsters have since racked up an impressive array of achievements; the 2013 WAMi Pop Act of the Year, the 2012 WAMi Song of the Year, for debut single Sleigh Bed, an opening slot on the 2013 Laneway Festival and the title of 2013’s most played artist on Triple J Unearthed. It’s no surprise that Freo’s warm, sundrenched surroundings have influenced Rainy Day Women’s music, a collection of summery pop tunes that transport you to their sunny West Coast home.

rainy day womenYes yes, names can be deceiving. Rainy Day Women are a bunch of men singing songs that sound happy, not gloomy. Listen in.

Influenced by a range of classic artists from the ’50s to the ’70s – The Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan and The Beatles – Rainy Day Women’s sun-streaked summer melodies are a tribute to their favourite artists from those eras. Eclectic indie pop infused with retro nostalgia, their chilled out, yet lively gems are excellent.

Rainy Day Women’s debut EP Sleigh Bed conveys an undeniably playful summer vibe, perfect for a warm sunny day. Titular track Sleigh Bed is Aussie indie pop at its best, all catchy vocal hooks, breezy melodies and dynamic guitar-work, reminiscent of The Holidays’ early stuff. I challenge you to listen to this song without bopping along to the infectious riff. Their second EP Friends reveals a progression of the band’s sound that is a little heavier and a little more mature. Some darker territory is covered here but Friends is by no means gloomy. Rainy Day Women maintain their trademark bounciness while introducing darker lyrical themes, presenting a nice juxtaposition with the upbeat harmonies.

Rainy Day Women’s latest single Ain’t It Time? dropped last August, before the band embarked on a nationwide single tour. A successful crowdfunding campaign allowed them to fund the mixing process of their upcoming debut album, which is now on its way to the US to be mastered. With their first album soon to be released, the Freo boys are definitely the feel-good indie pop (not everyone’s cup of tea, granted) band to look out for in 2014.



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