Baulk at the thought of spending excess time with a sibling? Glider Pilots prove how powerful it can be on Some Where Out There

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For many of us, the thought of writing music with a sibling, let alone spending copious amounts of time with one is about as unappealing as having no Wi-Fi for a week. But up in Far North Queensland brother / sister duo Ben, and Samantha Hope have been making the seemingly impossible work – writing, producing, and making subtle synthy waves as folky dream pop pair, Glider Pilots.

Glider Pilots

Brother sister duo Glider Pilots bare all on Some Where Out There, their debut effort is a poignant, emotional package laced with potential.

Their debut EP Some Where Out There is six tracks worth of breathy, Blasko-esque vocals, ambient guitar melodies, and drum machines galore. With ambient riffs tying knots around lyricism that explores the monotony of day to day living, and sweet hits of synth, track two, and their latest single, Brand New Day has vibrant War on Drugs undertones.

Opening track Sleeping Vision packs some powerful punches lyrically, and presents the poppiest instrumentation on the EP. The vocals and pronunciation are not as strong as some of the other works and the almost five-minute track threatens to drag on. That said, the follow up well and truly makes up for it and Thirteen Years Away is the EP’s highlight.

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Though the song with the least words, Samantha’s phrasing allows the mind to relax, and fall into her web. From the first verse “Safe Place, safe way/Short summers, long days/Wave thirteen years astray” to the closing line “Why rush, why wait/Trying to find the finish line/We want to know our place,” it’s evident that this track has a unique substance, and hits a high point that the rest of the EP doesn’t quite arrive at.

Some Where Out There is a poignant treat that gets under the skin, in both an enjoyable, and disconcerting manner. Although the duo are still finding their feet, and establishing a sound of their own, each track has the ability to shift you emotionally, and alter your thought pattern, even if it’s just for a brief second. A well written, nicely produced piece of music. While it isn’t breaking boundaries in any major way, it’s a flowy EP with tons of potential peeping through. A piece of music that’d go down best on a train ride home, or just before sleepy time ensues. Keep it coming legends!

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