North Arm sure know how to prod, provoke and appease the ears

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North Arm possess the charm of a dreamy Sunday morning with the nostalgic glow of a midday Bloody Mary. That, coupled with its nostalgic essence and undeniable groove, wash musical notes over your body like a water-sprinkler on freshly mowed lawn. While their innocent lyrics provoke feelings of a hazy gone-by childhood, their guitar riffs emit a sense of musical maturity.

North Arm

North Arm are cool, calm and collected. Their new track Careless pays homage to classic 80s indie precursors while giving their international contemporaries a run for their money.

Listening to their music, they are very much a ‘headlining’ band. Adept to the crowd, they understand just how to prod, provoke and appease the ears. Don’t be fooled however, this band is not a flash-in-the-pan indie-pop band and the feelings of sentimentality engendered in their music leave lasting impacts on the ones who listen.

The name “North Arm” is derived from a coastal town called North Arm Cove (positioned North East of Newcastle). Their name is uniquely Australia and so are their tunes. The band’s 2013 debut EP Thought Lines, later followed up by their sophomore EP Life Cycles, borrows from past 80s Australian bands such as The Church and The Go Betweens with their uniquely rock-n-roll, soul-baring lyrics.

And in true Aussie fashion, this band have cultivated their sound over the years. Culminating in their brand new single, Careless, off their forthcoming, much anticipated 2015 debut LP. The track is hazy collection of modulated vocals, synth-y 80s guitars and rattling tambourines. It has a inescapable summery vibe, a welcome change in these droll Australian months, led by upbeat, reverb-drenched guitars. The track never really takes off, it’s purposely un-dynamic, cruising casually as its own pace; cool, calm and collected, and something about this is irresistible.

It has already been causing international mouths to flap with comparisons to the indie-rock royalty such as The War On DrugsDoves and Wild Nothing. It is fair to say that their sound would be little without their past Australian and international indie predecessors. And bands like The Church have definitely paved the way for bands like this.

So be kind Sydney punters, this five piece is on the rise!

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