Beabadoobee drops ‘Glue Song’ video on Valentine’s Day and fans are falling hard

Beabadoobee has given us a Valentine’s Day treat with her latest single “Glue Song” and fans are falling hard for it.

In fact, it’s been the most searched for the term this V-Day! Beabadoobee’s track is accompanied by a heartfelt video shot in the singer’s hometown in the Philippines and directed by her boyfriend, Jake Erland.

For Bea Kristi, this song marks a departure from her usual sad tunes, as she’s in a really positive place for the first time in a long time and feeling love. The lyrics reflect this newfound happiness and show a vulnerability that her fans are sure to connect with.

Beabadoobee glue song
Credit: NME

Musically, Beabadoobee cites some pretty big names as her influences, including Elliott Smith, Mac DeMarco, the Moldy Peaches, Pavement, Mazzy Star, the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, and Daniel Johnston. She even has a tattoo of Johnston’s artwork from the cover of his album Continued Story with Texas Instruments. In a 2018 interview with Vice, she expressed plans to make film soundtracks in the future as they heavily inspired her to make music.

Despite coming from a very traditional Asian family, who had the classic way of thinking that you should “play an orchestra-instrument” or “be a doctor,” Beabadoobee has found success through YouTube tutorials and encourages young people to pick up the guitar and rock out. Her success story is an inspiration to all aspiring musicians out there.

“I wrote a lot of this song while on tour across Australia and Asia in the back of cars and traveling,” Kristi explained in a press release. “It’s a heartfelt song that means a lot to me…. A love song and the first one I’ve written in my new relationship. I usually write these songs that are sad, in the past with my writing even when it doesn’t sound sad looking back, the lyrics usually have been. For the first time this is just me being really happy. I’m in a really positive place for the first time in a long time and feeling love. We recorded the song with my guitarist and producer Jacob in his house and added in trumpets and strings. This song feels really personal and I went to my home town in Ilo Ilo to film the music video. It’s where I was born and so that also added another personal touch to the song,”

So let’s celebrate this Valentine’s Day with Beabadoobee’s “Glue Song” and get stuck together by the glue of love.

Check out the lyrics, and watch the video below:


​​[Verse 1]

I’ve never known someone like you

Tangled in love, stuck by you

From the glue

Don’t forget to kiss me

Or else you’ll have to miss me


I guess I’m stuck forever by the glue

Oh, and you


[Verse 2]

Finding the right words

To use for this song

I have you in mind

So it won’t take so long

Never thought I’d find you

But you’re here

And so I love you


I’m not wrong

When I say I’ve been stuck

By the glue onto you

I’ve been stuck by the glue


Right onto you

I’ve been stuck by the glue



I’ve never known

I’ve never known someone like you, you

I’ve never known

I’ve never known someone like you, you