PREMIERE: On Materia, Beacon Bloom are challenging the ideas behind how we consume music

Beacon Bloom are leading a new wave of contemporary electronica in New Zealand. Their music is immersive and interactive, built on a solid framework of chilling analogue synths, punchy bass and layered vocals.

Channelling the thriving music scenes of Lisbon, Prague and Berlin, with a touch of the humble sleepiness of their hometown of Christchurch, Beacon Bloom aims to challenge people’s ideas of what experiencing music really means.

Electronic outfit Beacon Bloom is challenging the way people interact with electronic music. Their latest single Materia is overwhelming and all-encompassing, both in the best ways possible.

The brainchild of New Zealand native Ryan Ferris, Beacon Bloom endeavours to create something that New Zealand is yet to fully experience. The music is only a small part of the bigger picture; Ferris has plans to create an immersive audio-visual and sensory experience that rivals the nightclubs and warehouses of Berlin, with leading art and technology events to complement the live performances.

Ferris has spent the last five years existing as some kind of musical nomad. He has performed all over Australasia and Europe, following the sun and lapping up a life of musical indulgence.

Materia, Beacon Bloom’s latest single, arrives in the form of a live video. The clip features the trio performing enthusiastically at one of their sell-out shows in November. Watching Materia makes you feel like you’re almost there; the lights, the energy and the sound are all-encompassing. Check it out below:

Beacon Bloom is paving the way for other non-conventional performers and musicians to thrive in an environment that is yet to be completely harnessed. We are more than excited to see what’s on the cards next for the band.