Beastie Boys release new documentary, celebrating 25 years of Ill Communication

The 14-minute documentary short provides a concise insight into the ups and downs of the hip hop trio’s early career.

Still Ill is a short film released by Amazon Music, featuring interviews with surviving members, including Adam Horovitz and Michael Diamond. The film celebrates 25 years of Ill Communication, reflecting the industry’s reverence for the album.

Beastie Boys

The film contains archival footage, spanning the creation of 1989’s Paul’s Boutique, 1992’s Check Your Head and Ill Communication.

Collaborators Mark Nishita and Mario Caldato Jr also make an appearance in the interviews.

The group has been in the news this year with the release of their 600-page memoir, which includes stories from their career. The audiobook includes some of the most prominent celebrity guests. In light of the conception of this memoir, the band announced a stage show based off their writing.

The Beastie Boys split in 2012 following the death of Adam Yauch after a battle with cancer.