The Beastie Boys and Spike Jonze are working on a new stage show

Surviving members of the Beastie Boys Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz and Mike “Mike D” Diamond have announced a series of stage shows centred on the band’s recent memoir Beastie Boys BookAlthough is it is still unclear how the shows will take place, it’s been revealed that Spike Jonze is the director.

The shows are set to take place at the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia on April 5, and Kings Theatre in Brooklyn April 8-9.

Photo by: Andy Freeberg/ Mediapunch/ REX Shutterstock

Beastie Boys members Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz and Mike “Mike D” Diamond are teaming up with Spike Jonze for a new stage show based off the band’s memoir.

Last year, the band went on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast to discuss the Beastie Boys Book, where they talked about the band’s early days in New York. The book is said to reveal some shameful stories from Beastie Boys’ formative years, like how they fired for their drummer for being a woman, and how they used a 5ft hydraulic penis as a prop in one of their stag shows (which they’re still paying to store in a locker in New Jersey).

The Beastie Boys’ seminal album Licensed To Ill smashed the charts the it was released 1986, knocking Bon Jovi from the number one spot and staying there for seven weeks. Songs like Fight For Your Right and Brass Monkey were massive hits for the band.

Tickets to the show are on sale now. You can find them here.