Take a well-earned break and listen to the eclectic sounds of Hawksley Workman

A hero of the Canadian music scene, Hawksley Workman is coming down under to bring us his vivid storytelling and rich instrumentals as part of Australian Music Week’s Made in Canada Showcase.

Hawksley Workman has been in and around the music scene for at least two decades now. Not only has he opened for musical giants like David Bowie and Morrissey, he also boasts production credits with fellow Canadians Tegan & Sara, and has penned songs with a cast of characters like actress Marion Cotillard and rock’n’roll fire starter Johnny Hallyday.

Workman’s diverse style is characterised by stories that can either make you feel like you’re reliving your best memories, or throw you deep into the throes of heartache all over again.

No matter what his music throws at you, Workman’s songs will take you away from the spotlight of reality and grant you respite from the whirlwind of human experience.

Musically, his repertoire is wide ranging and eclectic, having explored the depths of cabaret and electro-pop soundscapes, to the stripped back sounds of country and folk, and everything else in between.

His newest single, Battlefords, has seen a return to a stripped back, acoustically-driven country sound. Perforated by storytelling as profound as ever, he recounts a lazy childhood summer “wasted” in his hometown.

Purely and simply, Hawksley Workman is a collector of the human experience. Although he may walk around with a heavy head, as musicians often do, his music will console any lost soul and give them a momentary respite from life’s hardships.

Don’t miss your chance to see the legend this Thursday at Australian Music Week’s Made in Canada Showcase.


The Made in Canada showcase takes place on Thursday 8 November at The Brass Monkey in Cronulla, kicking off at 4:30pm. Grab your tickets here.