Sharp irony and addictive melodies abound on Gross, the new single from She’s My You

Gross by She’s My You is a stunning alt-pop gem of a track that’ll keep you high on its summer vibes long after you’ve finished listening to it.

Soft, ambient keys open the track, before subsiding to give way to an electronic beat and the boppy first verse.

she's my you gross

“I sell what you wish you were buying.” Gross is a stunning alt-pop gem driven by sharp, ironic lyrics that question our obsession with accumulating wealth.

Immediately, we are consumed in the idea of wanting to be part of something bigger than us, but ironically, in a materialistic sense. “Credit to the people making their fortune from the people breaking.”

The acerbic lyrics give way to an electronic wonderland of a chorus, full of rich vocal harmonising and an addictive melody, as the lyrics question why we’re chasing all this stuff anyway, and at what cost.

Vocalist Toby Anagnostis said he penned the track after moving to Sydney from Newcastle, hoping to make it big in music, but instead found himself surrounded by city folk who were constantly chasing wealth and its excesses.

“I feel like, in a city like this, it’s almost impossible to avoid stepping on the ‘wealth-accumulation needle’ and getting hooked. We all ride the wave to some degree,” said Anagnostis.


Gross is out now.