Spike Jonze to release new Beastie Boys photo book

If you weren’t brought up watching Spike Jonze’s video for the Beastie Boys’ Sabotage on Rage every Saturday, I begin to question your entire childhood.

The golden collaboration continues with the release of a new photo book.

The collaboration between Spike Jonze and the Beastie Boys will showcase over 200 photos taken by Jonze of the Brooklyn heroes.

The book, titled Beastie Boys (how appropriate), will contain over 200 photos taken by Jonze of the Brooklyn Triple Trouble. It will also contain text from Michael Diamond (Mike D) and Adam Horovitz (Ad Rock) along with an afterward from Jonze himself.

The group shared a statement, “This book shows the greatest act of the hip hop generation in their truest colors as only a close friend could see them. From going on stage at Lollapalooza to writing together at Mike D’s apartment; getting into character for a video to dressing up as old men to hit the basketball court; recording an album in the studio in Los Angeles to goofing around the streets of New York.”

The group that began as a couple of friends in Brooklyn soon exploded into one of the most successful hip-hop acts in history. Their 1986 record Licensed to Ill was the first hip-hop album to top the Billboard Hot 100. This streak of groundbreaking events would continue on into the future. This includes but isn’t limited to the organisation of the Tibetan Freedom Concert along with the release of countless iconic songs and albums. Albums like Paul’s Boutique and Ill Communication will always remain milestones in the genre. Personally, Check Your Head was my very first introduction to hip-hop. The doors swung open and there was a new world ready and waiting.

The collaboration follows hot on the tail of the 2018 memoir, The Beastie Boys Book. I’m beginning to see some correlation in these titles. Jonze and the group also announced they are planning a new stage show.

To use my favourite Beastie Boys line, this book should be “as cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce.”