Beastie Boys share To The 5 Boroughs rarities for the album’s 15th anniversary

Beastie Boys’ last album was 2011’s Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. Shortly afterwards in 2012, the group was forced to disband after Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch died of cancer at the age of 47.

Last month, the trio celebrated the 25th anniversary of Ill Communication with a 14-minute documentary and 40-minute audio commentary in collaboration with Amazon. Now, they’re celebrating the 15th anniversary of To The 5 Boroughs with a deluxe edition release.

The Beastie Boys have gathered rare To The 5 Boroughs tracks to package up a deluxe edition for the LP’s 15th Anniversary.

Following Beastie Boys’ 1998 album Hello Nasty, it was a little while before the group produced another album. While they issued their The Sounds Of Science compilation in 1999, Mike D recorded his now-infamous Country Mike’s Greatest Hits album, while Ad-Rock focused on his BS 2000 side project. Following the 9/11 attacks in 2001, the trio re-emerged, coming out to support their fellow New Yorkers, releasing their anti-war single In A World Gone Mad. 

In 2004, the band released their long-awaited sixth album To The 5 Boroughs, which went on to debut at number one on the Billboard charts, selling 360,000 copies in its first week. The album turned 15 on the weekend and to mark the occasion, the trio has made 12 B-sides, remixes and rarities available on streaming platforms for the first time.

“Hello everybody—To the 5 Boroughs came out 15 years ago today,” the group wrote on Twitter. “For the occasion, twelve rare tracks have just been released digitally in addition to the original 15 songs on the album.”


Packaged as a deluxe edition of the album on Spotify and Apple Music, the re-release includes the album cut Triple Trouble featuring Blur guitarist Graham Coxon, as well as Coxon’s 2004 remix of the track that appeared on the Triple Trouble single.

Rare cuts like Rizzle Rizzle Nizzle Nizzle, MTL Reppin’ For the 514, Brrr Stick Em, and Just Blaze’s remix of Ch-Check It Out are also compiled together digitally for the first time, 15 years after the B-sides were spread across global singles for Right Right Now Now and An Open Letter to NYC.

Check out the To The 5 Boroughs (Deluxe Version) below.