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Behringer reveals the DS-80 – its clone of the Yamaha CS-80

Just days after Yamaha asked fans if they’d like to see a recreation of the CS-80, Behringer have decided to muscle in on the action.

Currently, the DS-80 is the working title for the Behringer’s design.

yamaha cs-80 behringer clone ds-80

Behringer has revealed the DS-80 – their take on the Yamaha CS-80. They’ve focussed their clones on small units so far, so how will they go with one of the biggest polysynths ever?

In a recent Facebook post, Behringer stated:

Around a month ago we acquired an original and long extinct CS80 and ever since we’ve been working on coming up with our own DS80 version. Please bear in mind that this will be a design study only and we love to get your feedback before we decide how to move forward. We will be sharing our design in the next few days. Fasten your seatbelts.”

So, not exactly a rock-solid plan for mass production of the DS-80 as yet. But as recent form would suggest, they have a way of getting these things done. In recent years, Behringer have created a clone of the famous Minimoog synth, amongst many others.

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