Bekx blesses us with her curated ‘love vibes’ playlist

Bekx sifts through the artists and songs that inspire her, from the pop melodies of Maggie Rogers to Lorde’s lush production. 

By now we hope you’re all up to speed with ‘Heartwall’, the lovelorn yet optimistic latest single from Bekx.

Anchored by glittery synths and a country sensibility, the heartwarming track traces a subject as she overcomes heartbreak en route to self-empowerment, heralding Bekx as an artist brimming with both style and substance. 

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“I do believe love is always worth letting those walls come down,” the singer-songwriter told us of the impetus behind the track.

It’s the same kind of lyrical territory covered by the artists who inspire Bekx, and who comprise the curated playlist she recently shared with Happy.

Below, Bekx runs through her go-to playlist, with mentions of Troye Sivan, Lorde and more. 

‘Fallingwater’ — Maggie Rogers

Beginning with a soulful and introspective track, blending pop melodies with emotional depth as it explores the complexities of love.

‘The Louvre’ — Lorde

Shifting into a poetic and atmospheric mood, with ethereal vocals and lush production capturing the excitement and intensity of new love.

‘Love Myself’ — Hailee Steinfeld

Adding a dose of self-love and empowerment, with catchy beats and empowering lyrics about finding happiness within oneself.

‘Cleopatra’ — The Lumineers 

Transitioning into a folk-pop gem, with heartfelt storytelling and melodic charm weaving a tale of love and adventure.

‘Bloom’ — Troye Sivan

Infusing the playlist with dreamy synth-pop vibes and shimmering melodies, evoking the blossoming of love and desire.

‘Fidelity’ — Regina Spektor

Delving into the complexities of love and commitment, with quirky lyrics and heartfelt vocals capturing the ups and downs of relationships.