The world is ready for Atlanta’s Bekx: and her new single Heartwall

From Georgia to Catalina to Nashville, Bekx is following the road to her dreams, wherever it may take her, and ‘Heartwall’ is her next stop

Bekah Grace was always drawn to the stage; whether it was choreographed performances or a chance to do what she loved most –singing.

Atlanta left an indelible mark on the artist, despite her childhood in Catalina. No stranger to an audience, Bekah has launched her solo music career – a project under which she goes by Bekx.

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Drawing from her rambunctious childhood years spent camping, surfing and horseback riding, Bekx puts her years of vocal training to the ultimate test.

With an unmoving desire to realise her dreams, Bekx has already made several huge steps in the right direction.

From working with veteran artist & producer Lincoln “Barnone” Morris, to seeing her first single, ‘Scissors’ celebrate its rise to #51 on the Music Row charts, she now teams up with Grammy-winning country artist Rebecca Lynn Howard, a co-writer on ‘Heartwall.’ 

Marrying a concept, a bass line and a melody, Bekx and Howard began recording ‘Heartwall.’ Admittedly not an overtly vulnerable person, Bekx used her perspective to her advantage.

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‘Heartwall’ speaks of a girl desperately trying to avoid feeling the pain of heartache. The song sees her moving on, finding new love, battling fear and finally, overcoming.

Ready to open herself up once more to the potential cataclysmic heartache love can bring, ‘Heartwall’ marks a relatable journey.

Sounding eerily similar to Lady Gaga’s vocal performance on ‘Joanne,’ Bekx has an immensely strong and captivating voice.

‘Heartwall’ only continues to gain traction, as glittery synths and a driving drum groove allow the delicate piano to intertwine. A blend of synth-pop and country sensibility, ‘Heartwall’ is full of hooks and satisfying melodies.

Kacey Musgraves meets Gaga at her most country inspired, Bekx is familiar and exciting.

‘Heartwall’ is shiny and alluring, gleaming with positivity even in the face of resignation.

‘Heartwall’ is an expertly crafted song, and develops further a blended sound, one that Bekx is sure to cultivate.

Listen to ‘Heartwall’ and more of Bekx below.