Belief and clarity: a chat with upcoming folk star Oly Sherman

Belief and clarity: a chat with upcoming folk star Oly Sherman

Introducing Oly Sherman, a stirring folk singer releasing one powerful ballad after the other. Amidst his Bachelor of Contemporary Performance at the Australian Institute of Music, Sherman has played shows around NSW and beyond, earning fans anywhere he treads.

His latest single, Bones, sees Sherman aim for a sound that’s upbeat, choral, and completely uplifting. As he touches down from an overseas trip and prepares for an upcoming single launch, we thought it high time to catch up for a chat.

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Photo: Oly Sherman via Facebook

Meet Oly Sherman, a folk sensation echoing the dreamy work of Matt Corby, Boy & Bear, and Josh Pyke.

HAPPY: Hey, how are things? What are you up to at the moment?

OLY: Things are busy but going well! Currently mastering my second EP, and preparing for a big run of shows in the next two months!

HAPPY: How was the recent trip? Any highlights?

OLY: Recent trip was really beautiful, got to visit my family in the UK, and take some much needed rest for my voice!

HAPPY: Being a musician can make it pretty tough to find time to take a break. How do you feel coming back, creatively and mentally?

OLY: I definitely agree, it can be really difficult to not only find the time, but also accept that everyone does need that time to rest and reflect. For me I feel a lot clearer with the things ahead of me. I did this by spending time with the people closest to me.

HAPPY: Have you found a lot of people in the music industry get caught up without taking a break?

OLY: I know of a lot of people who grind it out every single day without a single break, but also have a lot of music friends who like to spend some time alone and with friends. I guess it’s different for everyone. However your body and your mind works within your music is how I believe you should go about everything. I don’t think there really any right or wrong when talking about taking a break.

HAPPY: Really digging Bones. Could you share what this one’s about?

OLY: Bones to me, was and is basically a message that something big was coming within myself and my life. I created the song to no only show that, but to express to everyone that I believe this is normal. Whether it’s good or bad, it’s normal for things to change.

HAPPY: You’ve studied at the Australian Institute of Music, we heard. In what ways do you think what you’ve learned there has informed your music career?

OLY: Studying at AIM has definitely been a unique experience. I’ve met a few people whilst being here, but I think the main thing I’ll take away with me is the fact that nothing will naturally happen without working for it. Whatever the motive may be within the music industry, I found that my biggest rewards came after a period in my life where I worked the hardest. I found that you don’t have to really prove anything to anyone when it comes down to it. As long as you’re growing your skills and becoming more comfortable within yourself, I believe things will happen the way they are meant to.

HAPPY: Which course are you studying there?

OLY: I’m currently wrapping up a Contemporary Bachelor of Performance.

HAPPY: Looking forward I see you’ve got a Sydney show coming up, is there anything else on the cards?

OLY: I’m headlining Low 302 on the 27th and welcome all to what should be a really cool show! I’m releasing my new EP in a few weeks time, and have some show announcements soon after that :)


Bones is out now. Catch Oly Sherman at his Sydney single launch on Saturday July 27th at Low 302 – details here


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