Humble crates aside, here are the best stores in Australia to help you fit out your home recording studio

The DIY recording ethos? Pure punk! But fear not, creating your home studio doesn’t have to be all bare walls and exposed brick.

We can all agree that Miraval Studios is a sight to behold, but crafting your own sonic haven doesn’t require a Brad Pitt-sized budget. Here’s the thing: your studio should reflect your sound, your vibe, your own unique “I did it my way” moment (think Sid Vicious, but with a microphone instead of a sneer).

This guide tackles the essentials for building your Australian home studio without blowing the bank. We’ll cover everything from the ultimate listening couch, to the perfect rug (Persian, anyone?).

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Known for affordable and functional furniture, IKEA offers a range of desks like the Bekant series and ergonomic chairs suitable for studio use.


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Offers stylish and sustainable furniture options that fit well in a creative space. Good for a one off original focus piece that will look totally lit.


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Bunnings Warehouse

Perfect place to pick up an indoor plant or five. They also have a great range of industrial shelving which looks slick anywhere and lasts forever. Also great for studio storage solutions, cable management options, and DIY materials for building custom furniture. Has to be said, their Pinnacle 4 Tier Heavy Duty Shelving Unit is industrial goodness all the way.


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Store DJ

Specializes in audio equipment and accessories, including isolation pads, rack mounts, and acoustic treatment products.

JB Hi-Fi

Great for headphones and other consumer electronics, as well as general paraphernalia for music lovers. They sell crates for storing records, but honestly, for those on a budget, nothing beats an actual crate off the street or ‘borrowed’ from your local Surry Hills cafe.

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Storage is king, if not for LEGO, then for all those lil screws and doodads that come with pro audio gear. Plus they have affordable decor items, including art prints and decorative lighting.


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Fantastic Furniture 

Fantastic Furniture offer loads of adaptable options for your DIY studio. For instance, sturdy desks can function as workstations, open bookshelves can store audio equipment or vinyl records, and cabinets provide general storage solutions.

Facebook Marketplace

Keeping tabs on this gem has saved us a truckload of cash, and the best part – you never know what’s going to land.

Curated Spaces

For something a little fancy and original, it’s hard to go past Curated Spaces for second-hand gems.


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Persian Carpet Studio

If you’re obsessed with Persian rugs like we are, then you’ll most likely already know this place on Paramatta Rd.


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These stores offer a mix of affordable and high-quality options to help you create a recording studio that’s uniquely yours.