Happy Mag’s Staff Picks: Pheonix, Faye Webster and more

Welcome back to Happy Mag’s Staff Picks, where every week we highlight our favourite new music releases. 

Another week comes to pass and the weekend awaits, we’ve made it friends! Before we clock off and crack a cold one, we have got another week’s worth of amazing new music releases to share with you.

From the highly anticipated album from Trophy Eyes, to Faye Websters mesmerising single But Not Kiss, and the genius rap stylings of LKS, we have got some real treats for you today; so without further ado, let’s get into that sweet sweet music.

beck pheonix

Phoenix Odyssey

Beck, joins forces with Phoenix, the foremost musical ambassadors from Versailles, to deliver the utterly infectious “Odyssey.” Clocking in at three minutes and 47 seconds, this captivating track is a testament to the combined genius of Beck and Phoenix, with nimble lead vocals traded between Beck and Thomas Mars, accompanied by irresistible choruses and singalong refrains that will have listeners hooked.

Faye Webster  — But Not Kiss

Faye Webster returns after a two-year break with her powerful single, “But Not Kiss.” This modern love song beautifully explores the intricate mix of emotions, intertwining romantic longing and ambivalence. With its explosive piano hook, delicate vocals, and stunning arrangement, the track captures the essence of in-between feelings, highlighting Webster’s exceptional talent and lyrical depth.

Slowdive  — Kisses

Slowdive announces their highly anticipated album ‘everything is alive,’ set to release on Friday, September 1st via Dead Oceans. As a precursor to their upcoming headline tour in Australia and New Zealand, the band presents the irresistible lead single ‘kisses,’ a track that showcases Slowdive at their finest, blending their immersive, elemental sound with an undeniable pop sensibility that transports listeners to the nocturnal ambiance of Naples.

Maina Doe  Let Her Be

Sydney’s multi-talented dynamo, Maina Doe, stuns with ‘LET HER BE’ – a mesmerizing blend of club-infused R&B that showcases her exceptional artistry. With a nostalgic touch and forward-thinking vision, Maina Doe’s unique melodies and commanding vocals pave the way for a groundbreaking evolution in Australian R&B. Anticipation builds as we get a taste of her forthcoming EP, solidifying Maina Doe as one of the most exciting young artists on the rise.

The Domain  Be There

Embracing the ethereal space between worlds, The Domain emerges as an electronic music visionary, defying genre boundaries and crafting a sonic universe entirely his own. With a mesmerizing blend of pop, house, and retro synth pop, his sound becomes a captivating enigma, pulsating with heart and soul. Dropping a trail of spellbinding releases, The Domain’s latest offering, ‘Be There,’ featuring the enchanting vocals of Coulson, unveils a gem that transcends the realms of dance music, immersing listeners in a cosmic dance of emotions and beats that simply cannot be resisted.

LKS  I Understand

LKS has released the smooth and confident Single “I Understand,” showcasing his versatility as rapper, songwriter, and producer. Collaborating with the promising bay area producer SilentHuman, LKS effortlessly captivates listeners with “I Understand,” inviting them into his immersive musical realm. With a precise cadence and unforgettable wordplay, LKS navigates the track with ease, fearlessly delving into personal introspection and baring his soul for all to witness.

Genie Baby  — Like the Sun

Genie Baby, the eccentric piano maestro, fuses classical roots with contemporary music production in his self-produced project, delivering the infectious track ‘Like the Sun’ as a delightful reminder to slow down and appreciate the raw beauty of music once more, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists spanning Earth Wind Fire and Billy Joel to Charlie Puth and Thirsty Merc.

Martial Simon  — Have a Good Time

“Have A Good Time,” cleverly reimagines Jermaine Stewart’s iconic hit, “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off.” Infusing a carefree summer vibe with a touch of retro nostalgia, Simon’s rendition promises to be a sensational crossover dance anthem that resonates universally. What sets Martial’s arrangement apart is his ingenious incorporation of new lyrics alongside the beloved “Clothes Off” chorus. This innovative approach breathes new life into the 80’s gem, captivating listeners with an irresistible dance beat.

Jungle  — I’ve Been In Love

Prepare to be swept away by the enchanting collaboration between Jungle and Channel Tres in their latest offering, ‘I’ve Been In Love’, taken from the forthcoming album Volcano. This exhilarating track serves as a testament to Jungle’s unbounded creativity, as they seamlessly blend elements of funk, disco, soul, and hip-hop, while Channel Tres’s captivating vocals effortlessly transition from the smooth, half-spoken verses to moments of bright melodic brilliance, culminating in a radiant and irresistible hook that will have you dancing with uncontainable joy.

Trophy Eyes  — What Hurts the Most

Newcastle’s own hard-hitting outfit, Trophy Eyes, unleashes their album ‘Suicide and Sunshine’. Bursting with a potent blend of infectious melodies, high-energy riffs, and captivating lyrics, this release pays homage to the iconic pop-punk stylings that the 90s are so well known for. Brace yourself for a wave of pure musical euphoria and unforgettable hooks and youthful post punk spirit.

Litte Simz  — Gorilla

Little Simz makes a triumphant comeback, treating us to an enticing visual feast with her latest music video, ‘Gorilla’, extracted from her critically acclaimed album, NO THANK YOU. Collaborating with the legendary director Dave Meyers, the visionary behind this masterpiece, Little Simz delivers a powerful retort against the absurdities of the rap game, capturing the attention of Pitchfork, who laud her performance on ‘Gorilla’ as a remarkable display of her uninhibited artistry. To elevate the viewer’s engagement to unprecedented levels, Little Simz has joined forces with Microsoft, crafting an interactive and truly unparalleled experience that promises to leave a lasting impression.

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