Renowned Sydney luminary Danny G Felix releases new record

Jazz fusion in its truest sense; pianist, trumpeter, composer and producer Danny G Felix presents his luminous new record ‘Konpazouka’

On an altruistic mission to spread copious joy through the boundless energy of music, Danny G Felix allows his passion and elation light the path of his already decade long career.

His style seeps over into the corners of straight up Jazz, Latin, Soul, Hip-Hop and global dance music, making his music a universe of its own.

danny g Konpazouka

‘Konpazouka’ is a fully realised journey, one that knows itself inside out and brims with sensuality and passion.

Opening with the sultry ‘Ploge Inn,’ Felix sets a simmering tone.

Clean guitar tones dance atop Samba-esque grooves while samples of laughter, deep male voices and charged synths interlope boundlessly.

‘Gouyad Love’ is a fluorescent merging of sonic elements that act as an aural massage; a theme of brightness emerges through the playful synths and trumpet, creating a fascinating hybrid.

At one moment it feels like something out of an anime soundtrack, at another an electronic study pack and throughout an ode to the fusion of style in general.

The third track, ‘Dignity,’ takes the experimentation a step further. Featuring Mana, ‘Dignity’ is a fully fledged R&B style electronic track, with doses of funk and jazz style guitar and brass, all the while remaining mellow.

Mana’s vocal is enticing and languid, a perfect addition to what Felix so effortlessly creates.

‘Down Stream’ follows, a little mysterious in its intro and with more of a world music sound to its core.

Felix’s essence truly seeps through, perhaps through his trumpet hypnotic playing.

‘Wait 4 Me’ picks up on the sensuous vibe set by ‘Ploge Inn.’ Enticing percussion and a deep brass section wrap a gentle hand around one’s throat, both soothing and dominant.

Mana returns for ‘Shadows Rewind,’ a slightly more energetic and heavily sampled moment that leans into a funky guitar melody, something brewing between the spaces.

The album closes with ‘Fruits (Zouk Remix) featuring Hausm8s. A simple, glossy yet lo-fi track that again sails into soul territory.

Full of depth, ‘Konpazouka’ is a must listen.

Listen to ‘Konpazouka’ in full below.