Victoria’s Maddie Jackway unveils new EP Kindred

With her soulful vocals and vulnerable songwriting, Maddie Jackway offers stirring collection of songs with ‘Kindred’

Influenced by the likes of Yebba and Adele, Jackway siphons her introspection and authenticity and uses each as a vessel for her songwriting.

Marking a shift in her work, ‘Kindred’ is the refusal of Jackway to be pigeonholed, or even slightly entrapped in a genre or style.

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With all of her eclectic influences thrown into the melting pot of ‘Kindred,’ this EP promises to be a more authentic look at the artist in question.

The EP opens with the soulful, pop/R&B inspired track ‘Pity Party’.

‘ The song hails back to 2000s, keeping things tight and layered while Jackway’s voice takes prominence.

Reminiscent of Perth’s Jade Rich, ‘Pity Party’ is groove driven and vocally impressive.

‘You Make Me Look Over My Shoulder’ begins as a synth pop track, a little more sinister and hidden behind corners.

Jackway’s vocal agains suits the switch, making it clear how versatile she is.

This track is dramatic and demanding, all without becoming too intense or scattered.

A sense of organised chaos, and one taking back their control.

‘Ready Or Not’ turns things around, slide guitars and a soft ride driven groove lure listeners onto this sonic dirt road.

Again Jackway’s voice and songwriting is a standout, and her commitment to blurring the lines of genre becomes boldly apparent.

Her talent and effortlessness in crossing boundaries is what makes ‘Kindred’ somehow cohesive, and each track is able to garner a spotlight of its own.

Things soften again with ‘I Wish I Could Be Brave,’ an Olivia Rodrigo-esque piano ballad.

Emotive, laid bare and bleeding, ‘I Wish I Could Be Brave’ is perhaps the most vulnerable moment on ‘Kindred.’

Jackway’s songwriting is immensely strong, and even more clear to see when she’s stripped to bare necessities.

‘Kindred’ closes with ‘Big Feelings,’ another soulful, piano driven percussive track that feels like the sister of ‘Pity Party.’

There’s an epic quality to this conclusion, a memorable chorus and nostalgic chord progression which makes ‘Big Feelings’ feel somehow already known, and therefore once again welcomed.

Maddie Jackway is a songwriter, that much is clear. And ‘Kindred’ proves just how strong her talents are.

Listen to the entirety of ‘Kindred’ below.