Here are the 7 best streaming sites to watch anime in 2020

Anime shows are not created equal, and neither are streaming services. Watch anime online from any of these 7 sites for the best experience.

There’s nothing worse than watching your favourite anime show, only to get bombarded with pesky popups or ads that stick around longer than welcome. Our crew here at Happy wasn’t going to let this stand. That’s why we’ve scoured the plethora of streaming services online to locate the very best sites to watch your anime on.

Our choices are based on their selection of anime, versatility, and pricing – because let’s face it: it’s not every day an anime series like Sailor Moon gets put up on YouTube for free. Anyway, let’s jump into it.

Watch Anime Online
Image: Spirited Away

1. Netflix

Let’s get this one outta the way. If you’re merely dipping your toes into anime, the chances are that streaming giant Netflix is going to have everything you need. Boasting cult favourites such as Beastars, One Piece, and the entire Studio Ghibli Collection (including Spirited Away) for only $11 a month makes Netflix an anime force to be reckoned with.

Excellent anime with no ads, as well as additional content, makes this subscription a no-brainer. Also, if you’re away from the TV, you can now listen to 693 Studio Ghibli soundtracks on Spotify.

Cost: $11/month

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2. Crunchyroll

This streaming site is for seasoned anime lovers, as well as fans looking for a free fix. Crunchyroll makes the second spot on this list for its versatility and scope. There are over 30,000 episodes of the newest and most popular animes available to watch for only $7.99 a month.

If you’re an anime-holic, cop their mega-fan plan for $99.00/yr where you’ll be able to stream on 4 devices at once. You’ll also be able to download your favourite series and movies for offline viewing! Alternatively, you can still watch a great selection of anime on Crunchyroll entirely free, but you will have to suffer through some ads.

Cost: Free or $7.99/month for no ads

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3. Funimation

Funimation is a great middle-ground for those that want an extensive collection of anime as well as no ads (without breaking the bank). For the competitive price of $6.59 a month, you’ll get access to the service’s collection of classics, as well as exciting, new Japanese shows.

The service currently boasts over 13,000 hours of content – and it’s got no sign of slowing down. Popular anime include The Rising of the Shield Hero, Fruits Basket, and Funimation exclusive, Cowboy Bebop.

Cost: $6.59/month

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4. Aninow

Up and coming service Aninow contains a bunch of excellent usability features – some even yet to be matched by its larger competitors. With its Netflix-esque black and red colour scheme, Aninow’s home page highlights things like the newest anime and the latest episodes, and even displays a countdown for when the next episode of a show will drop.

It also has a growing community on discord, so if you’re looking for up-to-date anime as well as community discussions, this is definitely the streaming service for you.

Cost: Free

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5. GogoAnime

GogoAnime has a relaxing user interface, allowing you to effortlessly scroll and read about your favourite anime series and movies. Its popular section tab also allows you to locate the hottest anime in no time, including the worlds biggest franchise: Pokemon! You will have to endure some pop-ups, but as of now, the platform’s selection is entirely free.

Cost: Free

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6. Retrocrush

Attention vintage anime lovers, this one’s for you! Though Retrocrush‘s library is small (100 series, 40 features), its curators Will Chao and Mary Gibson have handpicked some of the finest anime movies and shows from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s for your viewing enjoyment.

Exclusive standouts such as Devil Lady and Galaxy Express 999 earn Retrocrush a place on the list, not to mention the service is completely free! There are ads, but surprisingly, they’re not too obtrusive.

Cost: Free

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7. Amazon Prime Video

When you think Amazon Prime, you probably think about free-shipping, impulse buys or Jeff Bezos’s astronomical wealth. That being said, Amazon Prime Video interestingly has some pretty class anime pics.

Inuyashiki, the story of a man with cancer turned-all-powerful-robot is a rare gem, and Vinland Saga has also earned an adoring fanbase. An Amazon Prime Video subscription will cost you $7 per month, but you can’t put a price on no ads and good content.

Cost:  $7/month

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Watch anime online with any one of these 7 streaming services and you’ll be hooked in no time. Happy binging!

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