’12 More Rules for Life’: new Jordan Peterson book announcement leaves Penguin House employees in tears

The announcement of a second book from controversial intellectual Dr Jordan Peterson has caused despair among Penguin Random House employees.

Employees at Canada’s largest publishing company are said to be in shambles after learning their employer will publish Jordan Peterson’s next book Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life. The announcement apparently caused extreme stress and concern within the company, with some employees ending up in tears.

According to Vice, a town hall meeting was held about the book, with employees pleading for their publisher to not let the publication go forward.

Jordan Peterson
Photo: The Goodreader

Peterson has been the centre of much political controversy, with claims his ideologies have fueled radical alt-right groups and hate speech. In the report to Vice, one employee described: “people were crying in the meeting about how Jordan Peterson has affected their lives.” 

Further complaints were left, claiming Peterson had radicalised family members and that the publication of the book would affect non-conforming gender identities.

“He is an icon of hate speech and transphobia and the fact that he’s an icon of white supremacy, regardless of the content of his book, I’m not proud to work for a company that publishes him,” a junior employee who is a member of the LGBTQ community, and who attended the town hall meeting, told VICE World News.

The employees allege that Penguin Random House kept the news a secret, omitting the decision even from its internal database – possibly to ensure that it wasn’t prevented. They’ve also condemned the company, accusing them of chasing profit. Peterson’s previous book 12 Rules for Life was extremely successful selling over 3 million copies worldwide.

However, publisher Anne Collins has defended the decision, arguing Peterson has “helped millions of people who are on the fringes of society who would otherwise be radicalized by alt-right groups.”

But the employees are not convinced, with one describing: “He’s the one who’s responsible for radicalizing and causing this surge of alt-right groups, especially on university campuses.”

Employees are now demanding the publication be cancelled – and if it cannot be prevented, that all profits be donated to LGBQTI+ charities. We’ll see what happens, but Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life is set to be released March 2, 2021.

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