Bilby – Funderstorm

Hailing from the northern beaches, this Sydney based singer-songwriter gives a new meaning to the word prolific. In 18 short months, this artist has released a full length album, four splits and now a third solo EP, all from the comfort of his bedroom.


More modest than the average mouse, Bilby is our very own answer to the lo-fi holy trinity of Brock/Malkmus/Mangum. Listen to his latest bedroom EP Funderstorm.

With more songs than gigs under his belt, his latest release Funderstorm delivers on exactly what is promised in the title. Equipped with his boyish charm and enough love in his sound to make John Lennon look like Bill Hicks, ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to introduce Bilby.

Scrolling his discography on my iTunes, it’s hard to believe Bilby is only 21 years old. Pulling off the incredibly difficult task of perfecting his sound to the point of unmistakable identity, it’s tricky to liken his music to anything. However, I’ve attempted a quick musical math equation to help you get the general idea…

(Early Isaac Brock minus furious anger) X (Amanda Palma minus cabaret influences) X (Andrew Jackson Jihad minus radical political affirmations) all divided by co-writers, years of trial and error and budgets bigger than zero dollars*.

Clocking in at about 17 minutes, Funderstorm is an excellent starting point for a new fan. Without a count in, without an intro (unlike Bilby’s other work – in his words “I’m an intro kind of guy“) the first track DO U? helps you dive quickly and deeply into his whimsical mind’s ocean. Borderline chiptune, and spitting out more words than seconds, one listen simply is not enough. If you can keep up with his hastened vocals I’m sure you too will be wishing every night you spend out is one spent with this sneaky, sneaky marsupial.

But don’t hang out at the beginning of the EP too long, there’s plenty more to be had. From sing-a-long choruses to soul melting moments of poetry, lyrically and melodically Funderstorm is a fucking delight. A particular line comes to mind from third track The Pollinator;

You seem nice, really nice and my heart you’ll steal
Please dont give it back just as long as you keep it real

Nothing could better summarize my feelings towards this artist. If Peter Pan was a man, Bilby would be his jam. Keep your eyes peeled for him around Sydney.

*Editorial: Will this be on the test?



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