Hot damn, Billy Joel is set to drop new single ‘Turn The Lights Back on’ next week

80s Piano lord, Billy Joel is back baby, with brand new music scheduled for release on the 1st of Feb

The 80s icon returns to the keyboard with Billy Joel’s latest single, “Turn The Lights Back On,” demonstrating that he’s not merely revisiting past glory on the piano.

This isn’t a nostalgic replay of his greatest hits; it’s a lively portrayal of his distinctive style, infused with a touch of contemporary vigor.


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Billy Joel is a genius; there is no doubt about that. Many times have I sat in front of the telly with friends or family, rewatching a few of his classics because they are absolute bangers. The videos are brilliant, and, damn it, he knows how to write a tune—obviously, 150 million album sales certainly suggest so.

For those who grew up  to “Uptown Girl” or “Just The Way You Are,”  Billy Joels latest single drops are a return to form, like a very welcome musical hug from a familiar friend, and a reminder that some legends just keep getting better with age.

After nearly two decades without new studio tracks from Joel, some might have anticipated a throwback to bygone eras. However, “Turn The Lights Back On” dismisses those concerns with confidence. The familiar piano introduction pays homage to his legacy, transforming into a catchy anthem equally fitting for a Springsteen sing-along or a Wall Street power ballad.

Lyrically, it’s a nuanced dance between reminiscence and hope. Joel reflects on a world dimmed by challenges, evoking memories of brighter times with lines like, “Neon used to paint the town like fireflies / Every corner felt like a Saturday night surprise.”

Yet, it’s not merely a lament; the chorus bursts with a resolute, “Turn the lights back on, baby, let the good times roll!” It’s a rallying call, urging us to rekindle the flame of collective joy.

“Turn The Lights Back On” isn’t just a song; it’s a declaration. Joel reaffirms his status as a musical powerhouse, dispelling any notion of being confined to oldies. He retains his storytelling prowess, soulful voice, and piano mastery to illuminate any space.

So, raise a glass, toast to the Piano Man, and turn up the volume. The lights are back, and Billy Joel has revived the party. No worries, he’ll also be hitting the road in May, so grab your lighters and air guitars – Joel is set to remind everyone why he’s a songwriting legend.

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